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Looking for a Caregiver? Our caregivers provide skilled, in-home care for the elderly and for people with high medical needs. Their primary responsibility is to assist the patients with everyday tasks that may be challenging for them due to their condition. Engaging a caregiver ensures personalized, experienced care within the client’s own home. This choice empowers families to sidestep the high costs associated with senior living facilities, all while maintaining a high standard of individualized care.

The caregiver hiring process


Step 1

We will insure that all caregivers presented to you meet Federal and Local Government requirements.

Step 3

Clients will need to register for a CRA Business number.

Step 5

Our in house immigration consultant will compile and complete the necessary LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application and submit to ESDC on your behalf.

Step 7

A copy of the approved LMIA together with the employment contract is then sent to the specific overseas Visa Office, where by our Immigration consultant will apply for a work permit and temporary visa for the said caregiver.

Step 2

Only the best caregivers suitable for your specific needs and requirements will be presented to you.

Step 4

We will compile and post advertisements in compliance with Employment and Social Development Canada advertising requirements.

Step 6

ESDC will process the application; the positive approval will be mailed for your attention.

Step 8

On approval the caregiver will submit their passport to the Visa office. The Visa office will then grants the caregiver a visa and temporary work permit. The caregiver may then travel to Canada.

Document Required

Requirements to Start the Caregiver Sponsorship Process

If you need a caregiver, then look over this list of documents that you will need throughout the process. These steps are needed to ensure you have all the required documents to support a full time employee in the elderly individuals home. Every step of the way Mercare will be there to help you out. If you need a caregiver and have questions, please fill out the form and make an appointment with us.

Payroll Document

CRA payroll deduction document, this document will be used to pay your caregiver taxes in Canada.

Bill Proof

Copy of a home or cell phone bill that has the number & home address.

Elderly ID

For elderly care a copy of their passport or permanent residence card.

Personal IDs

Copies of both yours and your partner’s passports or permanent residency cards.

Assessment Notices

Copies of both yours and your partner’s notice of assessment for the past 2 years. (Only notices of assessments are accepted).

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